Increased Risk of Metabolic Diseases in Infertile Men

infertility risksA study presented at a conference held in Munich, Germany has revealed the possibility that almost 1/3rd of men who suffer from infertility problems are at an increased risk of developing metabolic diseases as they age.

Infertility is a Common Issue

Before we even get to the study background & results, it’s important to understand that roughly fifteen percent of all couples will experience infertility. Infertility is the inability to become impregnated, which can be the result of a combination if different factors, however in most infertile couples around half of these cases are due to male infertility. Studies have already shown that men with poor semen quality experience a shorter life expectancy.

Study Background

In the study, a group of 192 men with a low sperm count were compared with 199 men with age-matched controls. Variables such as sex hormone levels, bone mineral density, and HbA1c (which is a biomarker for diabetes) were factored in to the comparison.

The study found that in men under 50 with fertility issues, sex hormone levels (i.e. low testosterone) were really low and this was 7 times as common as amongst the men in control groups. The study also noted that in these men with low sex hormone levels, low bone density levels were found, as well as elevated glucose levels and insulin resistance leaving these men susceptible to metabolic diseases such as diabetes and osteoporosis.

Here’s what the study leader had to say in reference to the findings:

“We found that a significant proportion of men from infertile couples show biochemical signs of hypogonadism. This may be affecting their fertility, but they can also serve as early warning signs for metabolic diseases in later life, such as osteoporosis or diabetes. We would recommend that levels of reproductive hormones should be checked in all men seeking advice for fertility problems. Those at risk of serious disease should be followed after the completion of fertility treatment.”

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