Best Holiday Maternity Clothing Styles

Holiday Maternity Clothing
Are you expecting? Congratulations. The holiday season is a great time to celebrate new life with style, and unlike the past when you were expected to conceal your pregnancy with shapeless fashion, many fashion outlets today feature maternity clothing sections that address all basic apparel needs.

What are you waiting for? Dive in to Dr. Torbati’s personal maternity clothing tips that he has gathered over the years practicing as a OBGYN in Tarzana.

Best Holiday Maternity Clothing Tips

1. Wear what you like.
Just because your tummy is expanding does not mean that you should transform your wardrobe. In the second trimester, when the bump is still not that visible yet, you can pair a loose blouse with a pair of skinny jeans. As the bump grows, you can easily accommodate the changes with skirts or pants with flexible waistbands designed to expand as you grow with your baby.

2. Wow them with your glowing self.
You will be the center of attraction during the holidays. So, you can impress the crowds by looking radiant in a one-shoulder dress or simple shirt paired with magnificent jewelry and a cute blazer or cardigan to portray that smart mommy-to-be look. For much cooler weather, consider a long-sleeve or sweater dress, accessorized with a scarf.

3. Embrace Lycra or wrap it up.
In your third trimester, your bump will be very noticeable. If you don’t want to look bigger, you can accentuate your sexy tummy with stretchy lycra dresses that show off your shape in a fantastic way. Alternatively, you flaunt your bump with a wrap dress. The cut is comfy, there are no annoying buttons, and the plunging necklines are incredibly sexy.

4. Look amazing in graphic prints.
Although graphic prints seem like a scary choice for a growing belly, you can look amazing by making the right selection. Choose items with straight lines that contour your body. For a laid-back vacation vibe, get a pretty tunic or one piece for a full body cover.

5. Keep it simple.
There are quite a few clothing options that don’t cost a lot, like pretty maternity dresses and comfy women’s jeans. You may want to avoid bright colors, like satin and loud prints. Consider dark, solid-color tops and dresses or neutral-colored stripe clothing. Also, get some staple maxi dresses. Other options include a swing dress, socialite dress, one-shoulder dress, sweatshirt dress, floral pencil dress, and body-conscious dress.

Final Note
When you’re still in the holiday shopping mood, you may want to get some items to make your life easier, like maternity belly supports that help to reduce back pain and lighten the stretch marks, and nursing bras to make breastfeeding a breeze. You also need to change your intimates as every part of your body will be expanding, in order to accommodate your new figure.

Stay away from your hubby’s closet! Instead of stealing your daddy-to-be sweats and shirts, stay fashionable with the options mentioned above. Having a baby is an amazing thing that you can only do once or a couple of times, so flaunt it this holiday.