Swimming While Pregnant – Is It OK?

swimming while pregnantSwimming doesn’t only keep you fit when not pregnant, it is particularly good exercise during pregnancies. The reason for this is because water helps to support your extra weight. Swimming while pregnant can almost feel like a huge relief, especially during the third trimester.

The following are some of the many benefits of enjoying a bit of a splash this summer even if pregnant:

  • Improve circulation.
  • Boost heart and lung function.
  • Increase muscle tone and strength.
  • Build endurance.
  • Reduce swelling and fluid retention.
  • Burn calories, which helps to manage weight gain.
  • Promote good sleep.
  • Improve energy and decrease fatigue.
  • Ease aches and pains.

Is it OK to swim in a chlorinated pool when pregnant?

Even if you’ve never exercised before, swimming is safe to take up during pregnancy. Swimming in a chlorinated pool is not harmful to you or your baby. It’s usually safe for you to swim throughout your pregnancy, right up until your baby’s birth.

Are there any recommended exercises pregnant women should consider?

Whether or not you are a seasoned swimmer, you should start slowly and gradually work up to sessions of up to 30 minutes long. Make sure you warm up and cool down gradually, it is recommended to be gentle with your routines and avoid stress.

You should always come out of the pool feeling that you could do more.

Choose a stroke that you enjoy and feels comfortable. Alternating between swimming on your front, and floating on your back, while gently kicking your legs, will give you a good all-around workout. Take care not to arch your back. Swimming strokes other than breaststroke will help relieve problems with pain at the front of your pelvis, as it may make the pain worse. You may want to ask your doctor or midwife to refer you to a physiotherapist. Some women find they can swim breaststroke again following treatment.

Although problems are unusual to rise for swimming when pregnant, discuss any changes or discomforts with your doctor.