Study: Aspirin May Help Certain Pregnancies

study aspirin pregnancy newsThere is promising news regarding lost pregnancies: low-dose aspirin usage may help women who have previously lost a pregnancy conceive and carry a pregnancy to a full term.

Where Does Aspirin Come Into Play?

Researchers were able to narrow down a subgroup of women who were experiencing high levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), which is a substance found in blood when inflammation is experienced. It is believed that Aspirin counteracts this protein and reduces the inflammation.

Background of the Study

Researchers at NIH’s Eunice Kennedy Silver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development classified women into 3 groups:

• Low CRP (below .70 mg per liter of blood)
• Mid CRP (from .70 to 1.95)
• High CRP (at or above 1.95)

Women within each group received either daily low–dose aspirin or a placebo. In their findings, they found no significant differences in birth rates between those receiving aspirin and those receiving placebo in both the low CRP and mid CRP groups.

However, for the high CRP group, those taking the placebo had the lowest rate of live birth at 44 percent, while those taking daily aspirin had a live–birth rate of 59 percent — a 35–percent increase. Aspirin also appeared to reduce CRP levels in the high CRP group when measured during weeks 8, 20, and 36 of pregnancy.


Based on their results, the researchers are led to believe that Aspirin does in fact play a role in helping those who have lost a pregnancy to conceive & carry a pregnancy to birth. However, it was concluded that further research is necessary to confirm this hypothesis.

Pregnancy News: Too Much Folate & B12 Increase Risk of Autism Disorders

pregnancy news folate autismRecent research to be shown by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has found that too much folate may lead to an increased risk of children being born with an autism spectrum disorder.

Study Background

The study, which was performed by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, found some interesting information.

High Levels of Folate:
The study found that mothers who possessed very high levels of folate in their blood flow shortly after giving birth were twice as likely to have a child with a developmental disorder such as autism than new mothers who had normal levels of this vitamin in their blood.

High Levels of Vitamin B12:
The study also found that new mothers with very high levels of vitamin B12 in their blood shortly after giving birth were three times more likely to have children with autism disorder compared to new mothers who had normal levels of this vitamin.

If both levels are high, then researchers say the risk increased to 17.6 times. That’s a significant difference and both findings will be presented to the International Meeting for Autism Research in Baltimore on May 13, 2016.

What is Folate?

Folate and folic acid are both nutrients that our bodies must receive as part of a daily, healthy diet. Pregnant mothers are told to receive an adequate amount of both folate and vitamin B12 to ensure a smooth pregnancy void from developmental risks. This has been a long-standing notion.

Folate is found naturally in many foods such as beans, spinach, avocado, lentils, asparagus, lettuce, broccoli, wheat bread, and other sources.

What the Study Means?

One of the study’s senior authors mentions:

“We have long known that a folate deficiency in pregnant mothers is detrimental to her child’s development. But what this tells us is that excessive amounts may also cause harm. We must aim for optimal levels of this important nutrient.”

Unfortunately, researchers do not exactly know how much is considered “too much”, but at least we now know the dangers of either too much or too little folate or vitamin B12 in pregnant mothers. This research helps pave the way to a better understanding of the causes of autism disorder, which aids in the discovery to find more effective ways to either cure the issue, treat the issue, or help prevent it.

Currently, one in 68 children in the U.S. are believed to have an autism disorder.

Bump Watch: A Roundup of Celebrity Pregnancies (2015)

celebrity bump watch pregnancyPaparazzi are everywhere, and celebrities are tempted to either conceal private things or falsely advertise them. Fans across the nation are always eager to know the inside story on their favorite famous person. From film stars to pop sensations, here are some celebrities who have announced that they’re expecting babies.

Bump Watch – Celebrity Pregnancies Expected in 2015

1. Expectant Mother Bristol Palin

The 24 year old daughter of Sarah Palin recently shared a photo of her baby bump at six months via Instagram. This will be her second child, coming six years after the birth of her son, Tripp. Even though her wedding to Dakota Meyer was called off at the last minute, Briston Palin expressed her confidence in raising two kids, claiming that she has a steady job, a home, and has already managed to raise a beautiful son all on her own.

2. Expectant Mother Kim Kardashian

The 34 year old reality star stepped out with her sisters and mother for a family dinner in Los Angeles, Calif, sporting a high-waisted skirt and crop top, accessorized with a beautiful sheer robe and sky-high heels. Kim and her husband, Kanye West, are expecting their son in December, so make a family of four – plus their 2-year old daughter, North. The reality family stars were celebrating the upcoming release of their apps.

3. Expectant Mother Candice Accola

The 28 year old “Vampire Diaries’ star and her 35 year old husband, “The Fray” guitarist Joe King are expecting their first child together – she has two stepdaughters, Elise and Ava. The couple wed in October 2014 in New Orleans.

4. Expectant Mother Crystal Williams

Crystal, the fiancée to 35 year old R&B singer Ne-Yo announced via Twitter that they were expecting their first child. The Couple is engaged and hopes to get married next year. Ne-Yo has already fathered two children from his previous engagement to Shaw Monyetta, son Mason Evan 31/2 years, and daughter Madilyn Grace, 41/2 years.

5. New Mother Sandra Cho Durand – Wife to Kevin Durand

The 41 year old “Strain” star and his wife recently welcomed their first child – daughter Amelie Moon Durand. The two wed in October 2010, and received lots of congratulatory messages and well wishes from other celebrities and fans via social networks.

6. New Mother Lucy Liu

She recently shared a snapshot with Rockwell, her baby boy, via Instagram. The 46 year old “Charlie’s Angels” star and “Ally McBeal” alum brought into the world her “new little man” via gestational carrier. Both are happy and healthy.

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