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High Risk Pregnancy

High Risk Pregnancy OB GYN Doctor Serving Tarzana, Encino, Van Nuys, & Northridge

High Risk Pregnancy OB GYN Doctor Tarzana, Encino, Van Nuys
Every pregnancy has some risks, but there are more dangers to your health and the health of your fetus with a high risk pregnancy. The causes can be conditions you already have or conditions you develop. They also include being pregnant with more than one baby, previous problem pregnancies, or being over age 35.

If you have a chronic condition, you should talk to your health care provider about how to minimize your risk before you get pregnant. Once you are pregnant, you may need a health care team to monitor your pregnancy.

Common pregnancy complications include:

  • Diabetes
  • Toxemia & High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy
  • Recurrent Pregnancy Loss or Miscarriage
  • Incompetent Cervix & Cerclage
  • Pre-term Labor and Delivery
  • Twins and Multiple Pregnancies
  • Placenta Previa and Bleeding
Having a high-risk pregnancy means that a woman has a greater chance of complications because of conditions in her pregnancy, her own medical status or lifestyle, or due to external factors. Many times, complications are unexpected and may occur without warning. Other times, there are certain risk factors that make problems more likely.

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