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infertility and infertility evaluations
Health care professionals diagnose infertility by doing an infertility workup, a series of tests conducted in both the man and woman. The tests are done to check if the woman is ovulating and to look for any abnormalities in her uterus or fallopian tubes. A basic workup is usually done within one or two menstrual cycles. In men, the infertility workup involves performing a semen analysis to evaluate the quality and quantity of the man's sperm.

The medical history is an important part of the workup for both partners. It provides helpful clues about lifestyle and other factors that may be associated with infertility. It's very important for the physician making the diagnosis to know, for example, whether the woman has ever had endometriosis or episodes of pelvic inflammatory disease, or if the man has ever had testicular mumps or experienced an injury or trauma to his testicles.

Sometimes, during the medical history and initial physical exam, the physician may ask questions about the couple's sexual habits to make sure that sexual intercourse is indeed happening in a way that allows for conception.

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Evaluation of Both Partners

  • Tubal Patency & Laser Correctional Surgery
  • Ovulation Stimulation
  • Endometriosis
  • Frequent Loss & Miscarriage
  • Maternal Excessive Clotting (Thrombofilia)
  • Semen Analysis & Insemination
  • Sex Selection
  • IVF

What Increases the Risk of Miscarriage?

  • Age
  • Maternal Blood Clotting
  • Issues have recently been discovered, and they are extremely important issues. They require extensive and sophisticated testings. It is treated by an obstetrician with special skills. In many cases, this treatment requires the use of daily injections of Heparin, oral aspirin, and a high dose of folic acid, vitamin B12, in association with a close obstetric monitoring and the use of ultrasound. These treatments result in more than 90% success rates.
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