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Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation

Controlled Ovarian Stimulation Treatment in Tarzana - Dr. Torbati OBGYN

ovarian stimulation tarzana
For women that are struggling with infertility, Dr. Torbati may suggest the use of controlled ovarian hyperstimulation as an alternative way to treat the issue and induce pregnancy to couples.

What is controlled ovarian stimulation?

This procedure is performed as a way to induce pregnancy for couples. By administering certain drugs that stimulate the ovaries at a specific time in conunction with insemination, there is a chance that pregnancy will occur.

This approach has been shown to increase pregnancy as compared to timed intercourse in patients who have been diagnosed with unexplained fertility.

How Successful is Ovarian Stimulation?

The success rates vary on many different factors:
  • Age of the woman
  • Total motile sperm count
  • Sperm quality
  • How long the couple has been trying to get pregnant
  • Other infertility factors
Ovarian Stimulation should not be used for:
  • Patients with very low sperm concentration
  • Patients with very poor sperm motility
  • Patients that have blocked fallopian tubes
  • Patients who are older than 40 years old
Patients older than 40 have reported very low success rates using this method and therefore it is not recommended. Success rate is also highly dependent on the male. Males should undergo certain testing to find out the diagnostics behind the quality of their sperm in order to determine if ovarian stimulation is the right choice.

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