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Painful Sexual Intercourse Diagnosis & Treatment in Tarzana by Dr. Torbati

Painful Sex Diagnosis & Treatment | Tarzana Gynecologist | Dr. Torbati

Believe it or not, painful intercourse is a common complaint women make to their gynecologists. The official medical term for this complaint is dyspareunia.

Why is this? And what may be causing these painful sensations? Women vary in frequency towards the pain. Some women will experience pain only sometimes during sexual intercourse, while others may experience every time.

Types of Pain with Sex

Pain After Orgasm or Intercourse

The least common pain felt during sexual intercourse is pain that occurs after intercourse or orgasm, most often due to uterine contractions from orgasm.

Allergy to Semen (not common)

Another source of pain may actually stem from an allergy to semen. This scenario is very uncommon, but has been reported by some women. If you experience an intense burning sensation directly after your partner ejaculates, as well as develop redness around the vulva, then you may have an allergy to semen.

“Deep Thrust” Dyspareunia

This is the most common form of pain felt during sexual intercourse and is caused by deep penile penetration. This is common during sexual relations, and the pain will vary depending on the position. However, the same pain may also be felt by conditions such as:

  • Issues with the uterus (i.e. prolapsed uterus)
  • Issues with the bladder
  • Scar tissue
  • Ovarian cysts

Is it all in my head?

Psychological causes of pain during intercourse are highly unlikely and rare instances. Most often pain felt during sexual intercourse is related to a physical, medical condition that must be treated in order to improve symptoms.

When to See Dr. Torbati

If you notice that pain seems to be a re-occurring theme with no distinct pattern found, then you should schedule an appointment with a gynecologist, such as Dr. Torbati, who will run necessary tests and diagnostics to find the source of the pain you are experiencing during sexual intercourse.

Contact Dr. Torbati for a detailed consultation.