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Pregnancy Diabetes & Preeclampsia

Managing Gestational Diabetes
with Dr. Torbati

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Diabetes may develop during pregnancy. This condition is known as gestational diabetes. It is very important to stay in contact with your obstetrics doctor in order to have a successful, natural childbirth.

The outlook remains positive for those with diabetes and delivering children. The good news is this type of diabetes typically returns to normal after delivery of the child.

However, studies have shown women who develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy are at an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Risks to the Child

Gestational diabetes that is not managed may lead to increased complications with your child after delivery including:
    • Hypoglycemia, which is known as low blood sugar.
    • Babies that are born very large (9 pounds or more is considered large).
    • Early birth for the mother.
    • Respiratory birth syndrome – a condition in which the baby that is born faces difficulty trying to breathe.

How Do I Know if I have Gestational Diabetes?

Often times, signs and symptoms are not present with gestational diabetes. During any pregnancy, you will undergo frequent check-ups as part of your prenatal care. The results will show up on your tests if gestational diabetes is present. As your move through each trimester, you will be required to schedule more frequent check-ups if you are diagnosed.

Researchers have yet to pinpoint a cause for this condition.

Gestational Diabetes & Risk of Preeclampsia

Gestational diabetes increases a mother’s risk of a condition known as preeclampsia. This is a serious condition that occurs during pregnancy when blood pressure reaches stages that are life threatening to both the mother and her child. Your blood pressure must be monitored closely if you are diagnosed with pregnancy diabetes.

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