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Sexual Function & Desire

Menopause Doctor in Tarzana Treats Postmenopausal Loss of Sex Drive

menopause and natural hormones

What is Menopause?

Menopause is a naturally occurring phase that occurs in all females when they stop menstruating, which marks the end of their reproductive period.

One of the main concerns all females have at this stage is how menopause will affect their sexual function and desire, which could ultimately affect their relationship either with a partner or spouse.

Does Menopause Affect Sexual Function & Desire?

In short, yes, most women often experience difficulty with sex following menopause. The reason is because during menopause, the body stops halts production of estrogen and testosterone, which is responsible for many roles and conditions including libido, or sex drive. Blood flow to the vagina also decreases, which often results in vaginal dryness making intercourse very unpleasant – though this may be easily corrected for.

However, NOT all women experience difficulty with sexual function and desire post-menopause. In fact, some women’s sex drive is vastly improved. Most often because the anxiety associated to a fear of pregnancy is no longer an issue. This allows them to relax and enjoy intimacy.

How Can Dr. Torbati Help?

If you find your interest in sex or intimacy with a partner or spouse fading away, then it is best to consult an OB-GYN who may assist. Dr. Torbati will help you improve your sexual function & desire through the use of various treatment options based on the causes of disinterest.

Treatment Depends on the Suspected Cause

If Dr. Torbati suspects the cause of disinterest is related to decrease estrogen levels, then he will recommend estrogen replacement therapy which works to restore estrogen levels to the way they were pre-menopause.

If the issue is related more to a physical symptom such as vaginal dryness, then he may prescribe or recommend various lubrications or topicals.

Dr. Torbati will work with you to determine exactly what it is that is causing a lack of interest in sex and then offer a viable treatment option. The first step is scheduling a consultation.

Contact Dr. Torbati for a Detailed Consultation.